10 Contemporary Romances for 99 Cents!

Elley’s Amazon bestseller Save My Soul (Kemmons Bros. Baseball 1) is available in a box set with nine other top-selling contemporary romances:

Wildly: Her scandalous crush on her tennis instructor drove her out of town, and now she’s
back, all grown up, to ask the Wimbledon champ for a favor.

Her Knight in Black Leather: An emotionally intense romance between a
motorcycle-riding bad boy and a small town wallflower that will rev up your

Destination Wedding: Two handsome twins, one mistaken lip lock, and an endless supply
of piña coladas–what Harlequin Junkie calls “a fun and entertaining read that
will keep you hooked till the very end.”

Beginning Again: An unforgettable story of starting over, of taking a chance, of
finding love at any age or stage of life.

Save My Soul: Major League Baseball’s top agent turns to a New Age
psychotherapist to fix his latest player woes in this story Queen of the Night
Reviews called “sinfully hot.”

Falling for You: A sexy rom-com set behind-the-scenes of a reality TV dating show
that LAS reviews says “has one of the greatest endings I’ve read.”

Sweet Gone South: A southern romantic comedy loaded with small town sass that will
make you laugh, cry, and crave chocolate.

Drawn to Jonah: Quinn thinks she’s broken, but sexy handyman Johan thinks she’s
a challenge too tempting to resist … and Night Owl Reviews thinks this story is
“absolutely amazing!”

Spiraling: When Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy actor falls for
America’s ice skating princess, Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind calls the results
“a scorching romance.”

On the Fly delivers action-packed hockey woven into an exciting tale of love
that “delivers an enthralling story right up to the edge-of-your-seat
climax…” says Jeep Diva Reviews


Don’t miss your chance to get 10 top contemporaries for 99 cents. Buy now!

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