Balancing Act

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This post feels like a letdown after the excitement of Wednesday’s posted cover release. But I suppose there will be more posts like this along the way than posts like Wednesday’s. 🙂

My day-to-day life is certainly not a letdown. It’s late- February, so things are crazy around here, and of course, I’m the ring leader. On top of it all, I’m barreling toward the end of Grey’s book, the second in the Kemmon’s Brothers Baseball Series. There are not enough writing hours in the day to suit me.

The past two days, Lizzy has taken to whining in her crate, where she used to nap for a good three hours while I wrote in the mornings. I’m sure it’s because the frigid temperatures make it impossible to take her usual walk. So I try to compensate with play. But maybe she’s just getting older and the naps are getting shorter. I can deal with that. I’ve started sitting with her on the couch during the afternoons to get more writing in. It’s not the most comfortable place, but it’s the word count that matters.

After raising three kids while working as a full-time editor and writer, I feel funny complaining about the hardships of writing with a puppy, but none of my kids ever did this. Lol. (She’s tugging on my pajama bottoms.)

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All things considered, I’m surprised writing is going as smoothly as it is with life being so hectic. It goes to show I really can make time for what’s important.

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