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Arlington Aces Baseball Series

December 05, 2016

Cleveland Clash Football Series

Women's professional football comes to life in this series about breaking the mold, reaching the top, and finding love that won't compromise it all. If you like sports romances where tight-knit teammates drive the emotional storylines and the on-field action is as hot as the off-field action (fully described sex scenes), then The Cleveland Clash Football Series is for you. (This is a spinoff of The Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series, which introduces readers to MJ Rooney and Tanya Martin, Cleveland Clash football players, in Heal My Heart.)

Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series

Three brothers bound by baseball and marred by rough childhoods find their way back to each other in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series. Jordon, the jaded agent, Grey, the decorated centerfielder, and Tag, the emotionally wounded team physician, meet their matches in the form of three strong women who force them to open up and reconnect. If you like sports romances with emotional storylines off field and on, sexual tension, and explicit love scenes, then the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series is for you.

September 02, 2013
March 10, 2014

Harmony Falls

Welcome to Harmony Falls, Pennsylvania, a small town with big drama where two families reign until scandal topples one and leaves the other to clean up the mess. Lifelong friendships are tested. Uneasy alliances are made. While amid the upheaval, old loves are rekindled and new loves are found. If you like family-centric, emotional storylines in a small town setting with a heavy dose of sexual tension and explicit love scenes, then the Harmony Falls series is for you.

Designing Love

In the Corcarelli family, blood is thicker than Nonna’s bolognese sauce, but that doesn’t stop siblings Tony and Angie from bickering, especially when Tony ends up with Angie’s best friend, Trish, and Angie ends up with Trish’s ex, Stuart. Set against a backdrop of a thriving interior design business and a family carpentry company, the Designing Love series invites readers to share in the emotionally charged lives of a big Italian-American family living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you like sibling rivalries, uncontrollable attractions, and explicit love scenes, then the Designing Love series is for you.

November 05, 2013

Continuities and Anthologies

March 04, 2014