Chad’s Chance

About the Book

Nobody takes local sports star Chad Whitman seriously, unless he’s on the baseball or football field. With his glory days behind him, he needs another way to make his mark and have some fun. Adding a microbrewery to his family’s organic restaurant seems like the answer to his restless prayers. But Chad has been wrong before, and his family won’t hesitate to remind him. If he wants his microbrewery dreams to come true, he can’t afford any missteps.
Jen Chavez is smart, bold, and ambitious. She also happens to be a top-notch brew master with a tempting job offer on her hands. A leadership position in a male-dominated industry is an ironic way for the only child of a gold-digging mother to make her living, but it’s exactly what Jen’s been working toward-with one small exception. She isn’t thrilled about her wayward attraction to the charismatic man wielding the job offer.
Their precarious positions aren’t enough to keep Chad from pursuing Jen for more than her brewery prowess. And even though Jen has sworn off dating in order to get her career in gear, there’s something about Chad. With warning signs all around them, sparks fly.
But will Jen’s raging independence and Chad’s legendary irresponsibility spell the end of everything they hoped and dreamed?