Change My Mind

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“This is one of those novels that combines a multiplicity of different elements, backgrounds, and social stigmas into a single whole that will take your breath away and leave you reeling. Arden’s brilliant descriptions will paint a picture that you won’t soon forget.” –Pure Jonel

“Nel and Gray have a lot of fun and challenging things to face . . . You will fall in love with them both . . . For a fun, sweet and very entertaining read, don’t miss Change My Mind by Elley Arden.” –Harlequin Junkie

“Another great book under my belt. This one was another that I just could not put down.” –Bean Counting Mommy

“I think that Elley Arden really manages to evoke a barrage of emotions in her readers. She really has a way of creating novels that will touch you.” –Texas Book Nook

“Elley Arden really has a magical way of telling a story in a way in which the reader really feels it.” –A Life Through Books