Crossing Lines

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Cleveland Clash wide receiver Jillian Bell needs to go home to conservative Charity, Pennsylvania, because her nephew is being baptized. But there’s a catch. Her sister wants her to cover up the tattoos, watch her mouth, and be on her best behavior. And to make matters worse, she has to battle her sexy new football coach for permission to leave in the middle of the season.

Uber-successful restauranteur Carter Howl has taken on the job of whipping his father’s full-tackle women’s football team into shape in order to make amends for trading a football career for the Marines, but the part-time gig comes with full-time aggravation from Jillian. When she unexpectedly shows her vulnerable side and asks Carter to help her survive a weekend at home, he agrees. But one hot kiss and a fake engagement later, he’s reeling.

Can a party girl and a former Marine make a real relationship work?