End of the School Year Woes

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About this time every year I begin to panic. I love my kids. I enjoy them even. But when they are home for large periods of time, my house and schedule suffer. They make large messes that get picked up at their own leisurely pace, one that is never as fast as I would like. They make noise–lots of it. They need driven places. They need money and advice and direction. The bottom line is, my uninterrupted writing time disappears June 6. And there is so much writing to be done!

I talked to Hubby the other night, and I think it’s time to convert a room to an office again. I need the ability to close the door and say, “Mom’s writing. Do not disturb.”


PS…I caught a glimpse of the cover for Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding (July 15 release). It’s gorgeous! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it public sometime next week.

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