A Giveaway to Celebrate Elley’s Latest Release

Giveaway time!! To celebrate the release of CHAD’S CHANCE (EMERALD SPRINGS LEGACY #3), I had the brilliant idea of giving away some beer, because the beverage plays a huge role in the book. But then, I researched the idea and realized it wasn’t so brilliant. Some people live in areas where alcohol can’t be shipped. And, well, some people just don’t drink or like it. So … I’m giving away a $50 e-gift certificate to Uncommon Gifts, where the winner could–if she wanted–purchase some pretty cool beer-y items, including a home brew kit! (http://www.uncommongoods.com/search.html/find/?q=beer

How can you win this awesome gift? By participating in a scavenger hunt. (*claps* I LOVED scavenger hunts as a kid! Quick! Run to the neighbor and ask if they have a safety pin. Just kidding. Don’t really do that.) You don’t have to bother your neighbors to enter this giveaway. Just answer the following 10 questions and email your answers to me (elley@elleyarden.com). All answers are available online at places such as the authors’ websites, the Crimson Romance website, and via Google searches.

Here are the questions followed by the “official” rules:

  1. Name a book other than Adam’s Ambition that was authored by Monica Tillery.
  2. In Adams’ Ambition, Adam Whitman is reunited with his one true love. What is her name?
  3. Name a book other than Colleen’s Choice that was authored by Holley Trent.
  4. In Colleen’s Choice, Colleen Sanders marries a stranger to help stabilize the family farm. What’s his name?
  5. Name a book other than Chad’s Chance that was authored by Elley Arden.
  6. In Chad’s Chance, Chad Whitman hires a female brew master. What is her name?
  7. Name a book other than Daniel’s Decisions that was authored by Nicole Flockton.
  8. In Daniel’s Decision, Daniel Whitman leaves the country in search of business inspiration, but he finds personal inspiration, too, in the form of Rochelle Harris. What country does Daniel visit?
  9. Name a book other than Ashley’s Allegiance that was authored by Robyn Neeley.
  10. In Ashley’s Allegiance, Ashley Whitman winds up with a body guard. Who?

The basic rules: Answer all ten questions in the body of an email and send that email to elley@elleyarden.com before 12:00 midnight EDT on April 14, 2014. The answers to all ten questions can be found online via simple searches and/or visits to the authors’ and the publisher’s websites. No purchase is necessary to enter and win. A random winner will be chosen from all correct entries on April 15. The winner will have 48 hours after the close of the contest to respond. If no response is received, another winner will be chosen. The winner will receive a $50 electronic gift card to Uncommon Gifts  (http://uncommongifts.com), who has no affiliation with this giveaway… but they do have an awesome selection of unique gifts for beer lovers. The gift card will be sent from the company to the email addresses provide by the winner.

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