Retailer Changes and Some Big News!

Hi, Everyone!

Lots of exciting things have been happening here! (Have you checked out my new website yet?!) This is just a note to keep you in the loop on some retailer changes. First off, Amazon Encore has struck a deal with my publisher to republish four of my books:

Save My Soul: Kemmons Bros. Baseball 1

Change My Mind: Kemmons Bros. Baseball 2

Heal My Heart: Kemmons Bros. Baseball 3

Baby by Design: Designing Love 1

If you’ve already read these books, then you can simply be happy for me and the new readers who will be introduced to my stories via the Amazon marketing machine. (I’m so excited about this!!) However, if you haven’t read these books, and you purchase your books—particularly digital books—elsewhere, then the clock is ticking.

Baby by Design will be republished by Amazon Encore on Tuesday, August 4. At some point soon, the book will be removed from all other retailers (i.e. B&N, iBooks, Google Play, etc.). So, if you read on Nook or iPad/iPhone and buy/download directly from those e-tailers, then now is the time to buy Baby by Design. Here are some handy links:

Barnes and Noble:


Google Play:

The Kemmons Bros. Series will republish on Tuesday, September 8. And once again, those books will disappear from other retailers well before that, so now is the time to grab these books at B&N, iBooks, Google Play, etc. The really great news is that right now, this series is bundled in a boxed set called Love at Bat, and it’s available for download at all retailers until August 15. So, grab it. Seriously. It’s a steal at under $3.00 for the entire bundle (three books and one novella). And it’s baseball season!

After August 15, the books will only be available through Amazon and priced individually.


Barnes and Noble:


Google Play:

Finally, I’ll have a new bundle releasing soon and details about an entirely new series (more baseball) in the coming month, so stay tuned.



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