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Why don’t you pick up this book and read awhile. You will definitely enjoy the way the author brings America’s favorite pastime to light. — 5 stars, Night Owl Reviews
The scenes between Maggie and Jordon are funny, witty and full of sexual chemistry.  Both emotionally wounded, their mutual attraction is unexpected and sinfully hot!  Worried about the client-patient/doctor relationship, Maggie is somewhat reluctant to get too involved.   Ms. Arden does a wonderful job developing Maggie and Jordon’s relationship, addressing their very different pasts and outlooks on life. They are both forced to face their pasts, realize they have real emotional feelings for each other, and that when given a second chance to seize life and love – you need to reach out with both hands.
The secondary characters from Maggie’s crazy mom to Carlos, the baseball player with a dark secret are all well developed and contribute to both Maggie and Jordon’s relationship and to the story’s plot.  I especially liked how Ms. Arden introduces several different approaches to life while trying to teach her characters to be careful about judgment. –Maria D., Queen of the Night Reviews