Share Your Favorite Holiday #SightsandSounds for Good Cheer and Charity

Posted Dec 5 2014, 3:55 pm

I love this time of year. (Although arguably not as much as my husband and my dear friend, Andrea, who live to put up the trees, and view de-decorating day as a day of mourning.) For me, it’s more about the Hanukkah-Christmas-New Year triumvirate that creates a rush of positive energy in the world. Some years, I actually feel the shift, and it has carried me through some very difficult times. That’s an intangible, but there are things we come across every day that remind us of the specialness of the season. From Christmas carols and bell ringers to candles and colorful lights (not to mention the food, drink, and comradery), some of the most beautiful, touching sensory images happen only in December. And taking the time—even just a few seconds—to acknowledge those moments, can make a lasting impression. With the help of my wonderful PR team at Barclay Publicity, I’m encouraging everyone to join with me and be more aware (and as a result more alive) this holiday season. I’ll be posting a picture a day (sometimes a video) that celebrates the beauty of the season and using the hashtag #sightsandsounds on Facebook and Twitter. I would love for you to join me. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Trust me. I’m not a professional photographer, and more than one of the photos could be of my cat in the tree, because he seems to have taken up residence there. While it drives me crazy, it’s also kind of cute. The bottom line is the pictures are about seeing something and being moved by it enough to recognize the magic in it. From there, we can make even more magic. Here’s how:

  1. Take pictures of the holiday #sightsandsounds around you.
  2. Post your pictures on social media or your blog.
  3. Come back here, post the link where I can see the pictures, and (the extra special part) include the name of your favorite charity.

On January 2, 2015, I’ll randomly choose a charity from your suggestions to receive a donation. One (1) to 100 comments on this blog post that feature links to #sightsandsounds posts on your social media or blogs will equal a $250 donation. If we get past 100 comments on this post, I’ll donate $1.00 per comment past 100 (with the cap being $1,000).

I so hope you’ll join me in spreading the love and magic of this season! To get us started, I’ll post a picture I took last night. There’s nothing quite like holiday lights against the pitch black sky.


Christmas tree


Happy, Healthy Holidays!




8 responses to “Share Your Favorite Holiday #SightsandSounds for Good Cheer and Charity”

  1. What a fun thing, Elley! Okay, I posted this yesterday on Instagram (hopefully you can click the link!). It’s our mantle, which is a little hodge-podgey this year. But I love it:

    And my favorite charity is the Humane Society!

  2. I love our stockings, because my mom knitted them. Mine is the oldest, because she made one for everyone in our family. When I started dating my husband, she made one for him. Eventually the kids got their own too.

    My favorite charity is Jonathan’s Place (Dallas) The children served by this amazing organization need help all year round, and the staff works tirelessly to provide for them.

  3. I’m usually eager to put the tree up and decorate. Get out my Xmas village etc. But this year because we’re doing minor renovations and the room where the tree is is full of stuff – umm okay junk – it’s too difficult to put the tree up. Plus the fact that we’re going away and so we’ve decided not to put the big tree up. So we’ve done this one, we got this in a little shop in Estes Park when we spent Christmas there in 2010 – the kids wanted a tree.

    My charity would be the Houston Food Bank.

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