Writing Words, Collecting Compliments and Missing Baseball

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This writing thing is hard. There are days when I’m certain I suck. Some of those days are made worse by comments or reviews that are less than stellar. Inevitably, the woe-is-me sets in, and I loose desire to write, which is risky with so many deadlines. One lackluster day of writing throws the whole […]



The Next Few Months: an Announcement, a Reveal, a Release

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Not so long ago, I wished to be crazy busy, writing on deadlines, pumping out book after book. Well, I’ll have four books published by the end of this year, and I’m writing six more. There are days when I’m overwhelmed, and I think I’m crazy, and then I remember I wished to be crazy. So […]



A Change in Release Schedule

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Yesterday was crazy! I go days without receiving emails that pertain to my writing career, and then bam! I get multiple emails, upending everything in one day. It’s crazy, but so exciting! First, Save My Soul is finally available for Nook. Get your copy here. I’m happy to share with you my new “tentative” release […]



Release Month Celebration

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Did you hear that? That was me screeching with excitement…well, it was probably more like a sickly howl, but still… I’m so stoked. In twenty-four days Save My Soul will be available to the public. SHUT UP! Seriously, after what seems like a million revisions and a million more read-throughs over the past three years, […]


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