The Big 4-0

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As if signing a publishing contract wasn’t enough excitement for the month of January, I turned forty too. I haven’t been particularly worried about this milestone, and with all the drama surrounding a new puppy AND getting a book published, the date sort of caught me off guard. Maybe that’s how my husband pulled off the greatest single night of my life (so far). The surprise dinner party was at a quaint Italian restaurant and included family, friends, amazing food, glorious wine and this masterpiece of a cake.

book cake

I kept looking around for Cake Boss. Lol! Each book is lettered, so when together the books spell ‘romance’. The tilted book on the end is titled Save My Soul by Elley Arden, which took my breath away. (Keep clicking on the picture for larger, clearer images.) The inkwell and quill were a special non-edible gift from my mom and dad. I should note, the cake tasted every bit as good as it looked. I couldn’t be more blown away by the care and detail that went into creating this cake and the entire evening.

Forty has been good so far. Maybe there will come a day when I’m bothered by getting older, when I’m worried life is passing me by. I only hope if that day come, I’ll remember how very blessed I am.

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