The Perfect Game

About the Book

If there’s anything Arlington Aces’ back-up catcher Ian Pratt knows, it’s that being too serious about anything is bad for your health. He has his mother’s suicide and his father’s emotional breakdown to thank for that. Rather than end up like either one of them, Ian is living life to the fullest, focusing on having fun with the three B’s: babes, booze, and baseball. After all, if he’s going to die anyway, he might as well go out with a smile on his face.

For Pauly Byrne, being the only female starting pitcher in professional baseball means “serious” is the name of the game. She’s determined, deliberate, and one step ahead of the naysayers. And this season, she has a decision to make: hang up the cleats to become the first woman to coach an NCAA baseball team or hold on to the unlikely dream of becoming the first woman to play in the major leagues. Either way, she needs to win a championship.

When Pauly’s usual catcher fails a drug test going into playoffs, Ian is thrust into the starting role, where their differences—and an unlikely attraction—threaten to derail their season. With their futures on the line, can a city girl from Baltimore and a country boy from Arlington find enough common ground to win an Independence League championship and a shot at happily ever after?