#Thursday3: Spring Break

Posted Mar 26 2015, 12:39 pm

If you’ve ever been on a spring break vacation, you know the rules are a little different than they are for say a regular old summer vacation. Let’s just say there are less rules. It has to be because of that caged up, “oh my God, why won’t winter end?” feeling that we’re coming from when we head down south to warm up and break free. So in honor of spring break, which often coincides with the Easter holiday, here are the three things I’m most thankful for when to comes to spring break:

Lake Norman House Deep Water View

1. Enough wine you could bathe in it. (Hand to God, I do not have a drinking problem. lol. I might have a wine hording problem, though. And when I’m in NC or FL, I leave Total Wine with multiple cases. Gotta take some home, you know?)

2. Complete family togetherness, where the kids are concerned, especially. (Because Hubby is working, I can’t include him in this one–he’s in and out–but the kids are my captives. I love that! When we are home, they are scattered all over the place. I love having all my ducks in a row. And now that I have an 18-year-old headed off to college in about five months, I’m going to love it even more.)

3. The chance to step away and count my blessings and return to the rat race feeling stronger and more focused.

Are you going anyplace this spring break?

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