#Thursday3: The Cold Weather Collection

Posted Mar 12 2015, 12:00 am

Sunshine_on_snow_scenicWelcome to my latest hashtag venture. #Thursday3 is simple. Name three things you are thankful for …

on a cold day:

  1. Tea
  2. My dog
  3. Sunshine

I hope you’ll join me by listing your three cold-weather favorites in the comments or on your own social media site using the hashtag #Thursday3.



4 responses to “#Thursday3: The Cold Weather Collection”

  1. 1. Coffee (dark roast preferred)
    2. Books (romance, if I get to choose)
    3. My soft, maroon blanket on the couch. Heaven!

  2. Melissa Hatton says:

    1. Hot tea
    2. Snuggling
    3. Going for a run (there’s something about seeing your breath when you run in the cold.)

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