#WriterWednesday: Getting to Know Your Characters with Olivia Logan

Posted Apr 1 2015, 12:00 am

Getting to Know Your Characters

By Olivia Logan, author of The Tycoon’s Wager

Hi, Elley and thank you for having me on your blog today. [Elley says: You’re welcome Olivia! Thanks for coming by and congratulations on your new release!]

I always love that initial feeling when you think up a character. Those moments when you can picture their faces clearly for the first time, hear their voice, picture their mannerisms. I was inspired by the craze of pastel hair for my heroine! But then, despite having an idea of how many siblings they have, where they live, what they do etc, I have difficulty getting to know the real them.

On more than one occasion I have been given the big R for rejection by an editor informing me that I need to get to really know my characters. It has even been suggested that I go all the way back to the beginning of their life and plot their entire time from their birth. Initially I thought this was a little crazy- after all it is who they are now that counts, not their back story. It was only when I attended a workshop on getting to know your characters when we were given a sheet of questions to interview our characters did I realize that I didn’t really know them at all.

An example of a question was ‘What was their favourite Christmas present growing up?’ I was stumped. I literally had no idea and I was the one who invented this person. I didn’t know because I didn’t know their past. Not just past relationships but general past. This affected everything. For example if their best Christmas present was just a piece of fruit because they were so poor, would they then value gifts as an adult. Or maybe their best gift was a designer bag or pony. Would they then expect the same as an adult? Or was the gift given in lieu of their parents being around, so my character actually hates gift giving? So many possibilities all stemming from their youth. It was by examining the youth of my latest hero, Jack Harper, that suddenly all his actions as an adult began to make sense. In fact, the event that ties him to the heroine all began to make a lot more sense to me which I hope comes across in the book.

There are lots of articles on interviewing your characters so I won’t bore you with types of questions you can ask here. What I will say is by taking the time to get to know your characters intimately, you will find their motivations for their story arcs easier to see.

Happy Writing!  


About the Author: Olivia Logan lives in the ever sunny UK where if she’s not writing her latest romance, she’s planning the next one.
Olivia loves to hear from her readers. Contact her on: www.olivialoganromance.com. Or follow her on twitter @Olivia_Logan_

The Tycoon's Wager by Olivia Logan



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To boost ratings and save her radio show, agony aunt CJ Stratt has no choice but to agree to a publicity proposition from London’s renowned playboy Jack Harper. They’ll go on eight dates, which she’ll tweet about to prove he’s not the unreliable wastrel he’s been painted as in the press. 

Jack’s desperate to squelch his irresponsible image to insure that the business deal that could make or break his career goes smoothly. He’s willing to do anything, including dating this quirky DJ with pastel-colored hair and a sassy mouth.

Jack knows seduction, but he has no idea how to love. Love is CJ’s business, yet she has never been seduced.
Somehow, this business just got personal …



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