Writing Words, Collecting Compliments and Missing Baseball

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This writing thing is hard. There are days when I’m certain I suck. Some of those days are made worse by comments or reviews that are less than stellar. Inevitably, the woe-is-me sets in, and I loose desire to write, which is risky with so many deadlines. One lackluster day of writing throws the whole schedule off!

In trying to figure out what to do about moody days, I created the equivalent of a brag book, but I call it a boost book instead, because that sounds way less vane. What is a boost book? Well, it’s a binder that contains my favorite blogger reviews and fan emails. When I’m certain I suck, I simply flip through it and keep writing. So far it seems to work.

 Boost Book

I wouldn’t have a truly meaningful boost book if you hadn’t taken the time to email me or direct message me about your love of SAVE MY SOUL, so big hugs and thank you. Those words are fueling my words now. Isn’t that cool? (Also, I blackened out names and email addresses, so no worries that your identity will be revealed should the boost book be discovered by a family member or friend.)

Let’s see. What else? Updating only once a week means I forget most of the stuff worth telling. (Maybe that means it wasn’t worth telling. Huh? lol.)

I’m in the middle of a blog tour for SAVE MY SOUL. It will be my last publicity push for this book before I switch gears and really start pumping CRASHING THE CONGRESSMAN’S WEDDING. The reviews for SAVE MY SOUL have been wonderful, and I’ve met some really lovely people along the way. The book community is amazingly supportive. (You can read my favorite review here.)

And that brings me to baseball. I miss it. Would you believe I haven’t been to PNC Park once this season? ONCE! This is a depressing record for me. I don’t know how the guys are winning without me. Sure, they have hubby (and he arguably provides a more important type of support), but seriously… My positive energy has to count for something. Apparently not, because they are winning, and I am not there–for things like WALK-OFF HOMERUNS and routing of Brewers. *sigh* But, I’m getting to see lots of lacrosse. And that is good, because it’s–shh!–my new favorite sport. I have a story concept for a pro-lacrosse player hero, but GOOD LORD, when I’ll get the chance to write it is beyond me. 🙂

Hope you’re all well and happy and seizing every opportunity life throws your way. Have a glass of wine this weekend and think of me.



PS…May 20 is the official announcement I’ve been teasing for a couple weeks now. It is book related. It is not some huge NY publishing house deal. (Still teasing, huh, Emma?)




4 responses to “Writing Words, Collecting Compliments and Missing Baseball”

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Well don’t let anyone annoy you that it effects your writing i so can’t wait to read Change My Mind 🙂 I loved Save My Soul I even got my sisters to buy it for there kindles they loved it also 🙂

    • Elley Arden says:

      Yay! Rosemarie, you are my most “far away” fan, and that makes your excitement even more thrilling for me. To think something I wrote could travel across the ocean is amazing. I’m so thankful to have your support. And no worries about Change My Mind. It’s long done and with my editor. 🙂

  2. Rosemarie says:

    I like that I’m your most ‘far away’ fan . I’m really glad that Toni Aleo said that your book was a book to read on Facebook. I do a lot of reading . My sisters say I could write a book as I read that many. Lol 🙂 They get me to read the books first to see how I rate them 🙂

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